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tv   America Live  FOX News  March 22, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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on asteroids and take them to one of the moons of mars. versatile, if it works. jenna: would you pilot one of those? jon: i would love to fly up in space. how about you? jenna: i'm not sure. i will leave that to jon scott. thanks for joining us, everybody. jon: "america live" starts right now. megyn: fox news alert. the pentagon announcing that forces loyal to moammar qaddafi are mounting new attacks on libyan rebels, despite the military threat from the united states and its allies. welcome to "america live." i'm megyn kelly. getting new details now about how pro-qaddafi groups are fighting. u.s. military officials and the u.n. encouraging an extension of the no-fly zone until qaddafi stops defying a u.n. resolution to end all action against his own people.
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meantime, we're getting brand-new images from the crash of a u.s. fighter jet this morning. the plane went down with mechanical problems. both members of the crew are safe. they had safely ejected prior to impact. rick leventhal joins us on the phone, as he heads away from the fighting in benghazi. what is the latest there? >> reporter: pretty quiet in benghazi. here here during evening prayers. more traffic now. it appears that some of the people that fled the violence over the weekend are trickling back in. we were south of benghazi heading to ajdabiya, which is the frontline in this battle. you cannot get to tripoli from this side of the country without going through ajdabiya. and that's where libyan forces have set up. there are tanks, artillery, rocket launchers there and they're firing on rebels who are testing the perimeter.
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we saw ambulances screaming to the north from benghazi to ajdabiya moments ago, apparently people injured in fighting. we've heard reports from that scene that there is shelling going on. that qaddafi's forces are pounding away at rebels who continue to test qaddafi's forces. between benghazi and ajdabiya, it's about 100 miles apart, there are dozens of qaddafi tanks, artillery, and rocket launchers that have been disabled, taken out by nato jets enforcing the no-fly zone. and people are streaming down there just to see them, stand on them, pose, take pictures, celebrating the qaddafi army loss of the tanks, but he still has armor and he's still using it and holding firm in ajdabiya, to our south. megyn: f.y.i., rick sounds garbled because he's on a
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satellite phone. that's the best we could do in our challenges to bring you the latest from libya. thanks to rick and others putting themselves in harm's way. who will be in charge of the libyan battle? president obama says that the u.s. will hand off the leadership role. now we're getting new information just breaking on who will be in command and who is refusing. coming up, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., john bolton, will tell us if it will work and if it's a good idea for president obama to give up the lead in a crisis in which american forces are involved. new developments from ja*p anne's nuclear disaster zone. crews may be restoring some of the power at the crippled atomic reactors. we're told powerlines have been hooked up to all six of the reactor units, but more work needs to be done before the electricity can be turned on.
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crews working to cool a storage pool holding spent nuclear fuel, because they say it's reached a boiling point. and there is word that traces of radioactivity has been detected as far away as iceland. japanese authorities say, it's no cause for alarm. and the nuclear disaster there raising fears in buchanan, new york, where governor cuomo is ordering a top-to-bottom inspection of the indian point nuclear plant. this plant is located on an earthquake fault line 35 miles north of new york city. laura ingle is there with the latest. >> reporter: hi, megyn. state officials are meeting with federal nuclear regulatory commission in maryland. we're awaiting word from that meeting as to what's been found
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out. it's a closed-door meeting a government-to-government meeting, they're calling it now, which comes on the heels of a public hearing yesterday with local legislators and the owners of indian point. reps were grilled over the safety standards and the evacuation plan in a worst-case scenario. the federal government has a 10-mile radius around the plant for evacuation. when the fukushima nuclear issues happened, they said it would be 50 miles. this is what it would look like. many say, it's impossible. they can think of no scenario, even after watching japan, that would suggest a 50-mile evacuation zone with ever be necessary. not everyone is buying that.
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>> we're designed to protect against hundreds times more than what we've experienced here before. so our protections have a large safety margin. >> it would be interesting to know what that margin is. they didn't put a jumper -- number on it. i won't accept that at face value. >> reporter: reps say you cannot compare the plant in japan to new york, saying they're different in geography and the emergency plans in place, which in the case of indian river is upgraded security systems for everything from a natural disaster to a terrorist attack, earthquake, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding. and regulatory changes will be made after the review of japan and one of the severe accident management plans includes
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getting hoses into the hudson river and pulling it on to the indian point plant. that's one plan they have in place. they say they have many. a lot of questions to be answered. and we're waiting for them here. back to you, megyn. megyn: it sounds familiar in terms of the backup plans and understanding the natural disaster. we're seeing all of it in japan as well, and yet we've seen what they've gone through, which is why people are asking questions now. laura, thank you. a stunning follow-up on a story we first brought you last week. voters in miami-dade county voting overwhelmingly -- we're talking 88% -- to recall their mayor, punishing carlos alvarez for hiking property taxes while raising salaries for unionized public employees at the same time. mayor alvarez's number two just lost his job. see, he will rake in $326,000
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salary next year, almost as much money as the president makes. burgess is entitled to a $3,000-a-month expense account, $600 car allowance and $158,000 in unused sick time. joining us now, stu varney. are you kidding me? >> what stands out is that $158,000 cash payment for unused sick pay and vacation dates. that's very common in public service, almost unknown in the private sector. megyn: county administrator? he's making almost as much as barack obama. >> right. how are the homeowners of miami-dade county supposed to feel? they've had much of their wealth wiped out because their home prices have fallen through the floor, but mr. burgess
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raised property taxes on them. megyn: he had to pay for his salary somehow. >> sarcasm is a low form of wit, megyn. megyn: are you calling me a dim wit? >> now they have to pay $158,000 for unused sick day. there will be a wave of public sentor layoffs across the country. this will happen time after time. megyn: it depends on how lucrative the contract is that the public employee signed. and i guess we owe thanks to the mayor for signing this deal? >> yes, but could it change the calculus? when this happens across the country, and stricken homeowners are expected to pay this bonus, $158,000, are they going to be pro-unions? will they feel sorry for the unions? i think not. it could change the political calculus. megyn: i'm confused on the --
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we ticked off the salaries and what not. what i read in the wires is that he was getting $326,000 -- >> that's his salary. megyn: and $3,000 in expenses. he gets to use his expense account if he's fired? >> they're obliged to pay him that. megyn: if you are a good lawyer, you draft a contract saying, you cannot spend county money on anything other than county business. >> that assumes that the person that drew up the contract was on the side of the taxpayer. that's an untrue assumption. megyn: mr. burgess resigned in the wake of the recall of the mayor, which is even worse. he will get this stuff and he left voluntarily. >> he probably resigned knowing the terms of the contract that he would be paid off because of it. megyn: it's easy to show solidarity with your recalled
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mayor when you gave him these things and you will land on a $500 million deal. >> remember the top job in new york, she walked away with $194,000 cash payment for unused sick days, as they were laying off teachers because they didn't have enough money. megyn: that's unbelievable, stu. thank you. big news on the battle in libya. we now know who will be in charge of the libyan no-fly zone once we say we won't be in charge of it anymore. and wait until you see who raised their hand for the job. ambassador john bolton with new reaction after the break. singer chris brown in trouble again. the pop star, who made headlines for beating up his famous girlfriend, rihanna, showing his anger in a public bottle, and guess where he did it. and a major food service employer said they're being criminally extorted by one of the biggest unions, claiming
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that the union put fake roaches on its food, the company's food, to try to convince customers that unionization had to take place in this company. a top executive joins us live with the details. are you receiving a payout from a legal settlement or annuity over 10 or even 20 years? the experts at imperial can convert your long-term payout into a lump sum of cash today.
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megyn: new fallout from a deadly amusement ride in south carolina. the park's inspector has been fired for falsifying a report on the miniature train that derailed. the guy that drove the train told emergency crews that he felt like he was going too fast at the time of the crash. this 6-year-old little child lost his life in the tragic accident and more than two dozen others were injured. this is a fox news alert. we now know who is taking
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charge of the situation in libya. according to a wire from "the associated press," france says a political steering committee will soon oversee the no-fly zone in libya. not france. not the united states. but a political steering committee. that move just one day after the u.s. announced it will hand over the lead role of the operation in "just days." john bolton, former u.n. ambassador and fox news contributor. your reaction, sir, that it will be a political steering committee that will oversee the no-fly zone. >> it's ridiculous and puts american lives in danger. this is a massive failure of leadership. it's a failure of leadership to say that the u.s. would
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relinquish control. congress should look carefully at the president turning over command of american forces to foreigners of any description. i think it's a real problem, even if we're one member of a committee, it's a dramatic reduction in our role, apart from being militarily a ludicrous way to conduct operations. megyn: you have to wonder how it would work. the generals in the field that are supposed to be calling the military shots are supposed to consult with a political steering committee made up of how many international bodies that have to debate and decide whether do this or that makes more sense? >> well, you know, the president's a community organizer and my understanding is that community organizers get the stake holders around the table and they work it out. i think he's brought community organization to the pentagon. as i say, this is the subject of ridicule except it's deadly serious. it puts american lives in jeopardy. you cannot run wars by
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committee. i hope this report is wrong. in any event, i think congress and the general public need to return to the commission saying, why is the president giving up control and command to any foreigners? megyn: the administration seems intent to not having an american face on this. that's why president obama has gone to the u.n. and said that they hope it will not be used for propaganda against america for terrorism or violence. >> who believes that? who believes this operation could be conducted with anything other than massive american involvement, providing logistic, surveillance, reconnaissance, and so far, the largest part of the military force. i think we're kidding ourselves if we don't understand that
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everybody can see what's going on here. this decision to turn over command to foreigners does have potentially major implications for our troops. we have a way of working through our command and control structures, our soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines have trained, they know how it works. how is it going to work when a committee begins to hand out orders? megyn: do you think it's more about political cover? it's not our president calling the shots, if it goes wrong, and we stay there for days and weeks, then you can point the finger and say, it's not just us. it is an international coalition? >> that may be the president's theory. there are two things wrong with it. what has to control here is achieving our objectives and safeguarding the lives of our soldiers. politics can fall behind that, number one.
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second, nobody will believe it anyway. even as a political matter, it starts out as a dead failure. megyn: there's been a lot of criticism of the president, even from some on the level about our exit strategy. the president said it will be days, not weeks. he doesn't want unended commitment in libya, but what is our exit strategy? thoughts? >> i don't think we have much of an entrance strategy. we do have a legitimate national interest in eliminating moammar qaddafi from power to make sure that he doesn't return to pursuing nuclear weapons and terrorism. what the president is pursuing here, what his white house advisors have pushed him into, is following an idea, a fantasy called the responsibility to protect. it's a notion by people around the world that somebody, mainly
1:21 pm
us, ought to intervene in humanitarian disasters. there is no limit to that doctrine. if it applies in libya, it applies in other countries and there's no fixed way of knowing when the humanitarian disaster has ended. megyn: don't we mean protection from qaddafi? if we don't get rid of him, how do we achieve our stated objective? >> we don't. the president said his political objective is removing qaddafi, but way won't use military force to do it. who is he protecting them against? the biggest and only threat now is qaddafi. you cannot achieve even the objective he wants without taking qaddafi out. megyn: ambassador john bolton, thank you, sir. >> thank you. megyn: a stunning new investigation into united airlines. a passenger plane with 112 people aboard allowed to take off despite serious mechanical issues and wait until you hear what the pilot had to do.
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the tiny bully in this schoolyard fight is speaking out. his surprising new claim adding a new twist. >> he said, like, get to class, idiot, that kind of stuff.
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megyn: we have breaking news in new york, where we're seeing the aftermath of what we're told was a violent outburst by chris brown. remember, chris brown reportedly -- well, he wound up getting charged with criminally assaulting his ex-girlfriend, rihanna. he apparently went ballistic after an appearance on "good
1:26 pm
morning america." he became enraged after one of the show's hosts brought up his beating of rihanna. brown stormed into his dressing room and began screaming loudly, so loudly that the hair and makup staff were concerned before smashing a window with a chair. brown was photographed leaving the building without his shirt on. by the way, his interview, he went on and on about how he is not a violent person. a new congressional scandal unfolding regarding a democratic senator promising transparency in the past. now senator mccaskill is accused of not paying some $300,000 in back taxes. >> reporter: failing to pay $287,000 in taxes and using
1:27 pm
that plane for 89 trips. on a conference call with reporters yesterday, she said she would reimburse tax pairs $350,000. >> i've convinced me husband to sell the damn plane. he's hired a broker. i will not be setting foot on the plane ever again. this is not good. i am -- this is -- i've been sick to my stomach for four days since this happened. >> reporter: mccaskill is one of the most vulnerable that's up for re-election next year. she's portrayed herself as a spending hawk. >> my walk doesn't match my talk. that would be shame on me and don't vote for me ever again. >> we're just getting started.
1:28 pm
>> when it comes to transparency. >> reporter: missouri republicans are calling for an ethics' investigation. so far, one is not being discussed or contemplated at the senate level. mccaskill is hoping by apologizing, she can get it out of the way before voters go to the polls next year. megyn: carl cameron, thank you, sir. brand-new allegations against one of america's largest labor unions. are they guilty of racketeering? we'll have the debate in 3 minutes. disturbing allegations that a plane was allowed to take off despite well-known, disturbing mechanical issues. wait until you hear what the pilot was forced to do. charlie sheen's father is speaking out about his son's recent behavior. what martin sheen is now saying
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megyn: we're investigating reports today that a united airlines plane was recently allowed to take off with more than 100 passengers on board and without some necessary repairs. this boeing 757 was about 30 minutes into a flight from new york to san francisco when a fire broke out on board.
1:33 pm
trace gallagher following this one live from our west coast newsroom. trace? >> reporter: 112 people on board at 36,000 feet. the pilot hears a missing sound and flames shoot out at him. he puts out the flames with a fire extinguisher. the flames start over again. a flight attendant grabs one. they make an emergency landing at dulles airport in d.c. and the windshield shatters. the co-pilot has to land the plane. a pilot that flew that same aircraft earlier in the day reported fumes and and overheated electrical connection. he showed the mechanic a charred connector. the pilot told the same mechanic, that plane made an unscheduled stop in vegas the day before because there was smoke in the cockpit. the mechanic told the ntsb
1:34 pm
investigators that he allowed it to fly because the maintenance manual said that it can fly 50 hours with charred window heater collections. the feds have known for years and years that cockpit windows on some boeing planes have a tendency to catch fire. until now, they've done nothing about it, megyn. prior to this, the airlines were not required to replace the windows. now they are required to check them. if there's a problem, replace them. known about this for a long time. now they have to replace them. comforting thoughts from the ntsb and f.a.a. megyn: good for that pilot for handling that emergency. trace, thank you. >> reporter: okay. megyn: breaking news this afternoon on a big lawsuit facing big labor. one of the largest food service companies in the world is
1:35 pm
accusing the seiu of trying to infiltrate its work force, sodexo's, with dirty tactics, including claims of trying to extort the company. they said that seiu did things like throw practice cockroaches into food that sodexo workers were serving, trying to underscore the need to have the company unionize. now sodexo is firing across the bow, filing a major lawsuit under the rico act, which is typically reserved for drug lords and mob officers. leslie marshall and lars larson, both syndicated talkshow hosts. reading this complaint will turn your stomach. they say it's part of an effort to
1:36 pm
"encourage" sodexo to join the union. they pass out questionnaires in hospitals asking if they've experienced rodent droppings or anything else in the food or if food prep has led to infestation of maggots. this company says it's had enough. if they want to unionize, go to the workers, do what you got to do, but they won't be extorted. >> thuggish behavior by unions, big surprise. you could have pushed me over with a feather. as a reporter 30 years ago, i covered my first long strike. it was teachers. they engaged in some of the most thuggish behavior you have ever seen. vandalism, name-calling, everything else. 30 years later, the unions are desperate. their president hasn't delivered on card check, thank
1:37 pm
god. and they're down to one of the lowest levels of union membership, outside of government, of course, like below 7% now, and sodexo has 15% of its work force unionized. the unions are desperate, and seiu in particular. sounds like they want to push out the other unions and they're starting to battle each other. thank god this company has the guts to go after them with rico. it sounds like a mob-run operation. megyn: these are allegations. you can say what you want in a complaint. you are supposed to do it in good faith to comply with ethics rules -- and seiu has come out calling it bogus and that collective bargaining and union representation are under attack in the united states. if this company can prove that seiu did these things, it will not help the cause with the public. >> reporter: i don't think they will be able to prove it, megyn. lars, to your remark about the teachers, all the teachers, the thugs, they're just like john
1:38 pm
gotti. why don't you go out and try to find jimmy hoffa and link that to the unions. this is ridiculous. handing out a survey, if in fact, they did, is not racketeering. megyn: throwing false cockroaches on people's food? >> it's an allegation. innocent until proven guilty, either way. >> not in the court of public opinion. >> i don't buy it. megyn: is there tron question the seiu's tactics? even if sodexo cannot prove these allegations. we do know that seiu gets in your face. remember when they went to the home of the bank of america executive and stormed the guy's home with his young child inside? >> yep. megyn: there's the video of that. this week, they went to a bank in the poconos to try to storm that bank and get in a
1:39 pm
manager's face, not because of bank policy, because of, apparently, the assistant manager supported a cause outside the bank they didn't agree with. and then there was an incident that andy stern and danny glover got arrested for their protests. separate and outside of these allegations, is there reason to believe this group may be out of control? >> yes. i believe it is. megyn, they don't call them the purple people beaters for nothing. most unions will engage in this behavior and it's not that they're under attack. they're unpopular. 92%, 93% of private workers in america, who have every right to unionize under federal law -- and laws are in favor of union organizations -- have chosen not to be represented. and most of them, even government-employed people, don't want to be represented by the unions and unions are growing desperate. they don't have a way to force people into unions, so they
1:40 pm
have to resort to these tactics. leieie, you have to acknowledge these unions are doing this out of desperation. they're using their popular appeal. megyn: what about the tactics, leslie, from the videos i showed? >> well, the videos that i saw, i saw protesters. megyn: on the lawn of a man's home? >> that i would agree is going too far. one action does not dictate every single -- megyn: it's not one and you know it's not one. >> the videos i'm seeing there, those are peaceful protests. i don't see any violence and they're exercising their first amendment rights. i don't find that in line with the rico act, racketeering, or extortion. megyn: lars, that is normally reserved for mobsters. is this company reaching a by the to equate the seiu? comparing them to the mob, basically? >> i have to tell you something.
1:41 pm
here's what's going on here. there is first amendment free speech, megyn, as a lawyer, you know there's a point where my free speech can be so threatening and intimidating, it constitutes a crime. megyn: it's happened on this show. >> i'm sure. megyn: i meant with you. >> of course. leslie, apparently, didn't see the coverage, where state lawmakers found themselves with people in their face screaming, cursing, and physically threatening. that's the criminal activity i'm talking about. i think the rico statute is perfectly appropriate. when you have a large organization funded with millions of dollars that goes out and intends to intimidate people into allowing the unionized workers, that should be treated under rico. megyn: we'll see. we have to go, but in the seiu's defense, a lot of companies don't want to be unionized and they don't like unions pressing them or doing things to push it and they'll
1:42 pm
fight back, sometimes even with litigation. we'll see how it plays out. leslie and lars, thank you, both. >> thanks, megyn. megyn: president obama wants brazil to drill for more oil so it can export that oil to the united states. isn't there an easier solution right off our own coasts? we'll go drilling for answers with mike gallagher, just ahead. a possible surprise ending in the story of this bully video that's now a worldwide sensation. we'll show you what the tiny bully in the videotape is saying and how it could turn the story on its head. >> he abused me first. >> really? >> yeah. what did he say to you. >> get the class, idiot. that kind of stuff. he came up out of nowhere and grabbed me by the shirt.
1:43 pm
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megyn: an update now on a story that was caught on tape that has now gone global. a cell phone capturing a school fight in australia. one boy, richard, seen throwing punch after punch. the taller boy, casey, trying to block the punches until he snaps, grabbing the bully, slamming him to the ground. now the bully, rip arrested, is speaking out, claiming he is, in fact, the victim here. >> he abused me first. >> really? >> yeah. >> what did he say to you? >> like, get to class, idiot. that kind of stuff. he pushed me. megyn: richard, claims he's been abused and that his classmate, casey, threw the first punch. that's not shown on the tape and casey has a different take. >> he just came up out of nowhere and grabbed me by the
1:47 pm
shirt and [beep]. and then he punched me in the face. and he went for a second hit. i blocked it. and third, why know if he connected. he hit me. and i actually, snapped, and grabbed him, picked him up off the ground and slammed him to the ground in self-defense. megyn: joining me now, psychologist. doctor, this is disturbing to me. no one knows what the truth is. it was the little kid's friend, the bully's friend, who was videotaping it. what jumped out at me, richard claims that he has been bullied for years himself. and that doesn't come as a surprise. >> it's not a surprise. interestingly enough, for years when we talked about bullies and victims and so on, we concentrated on the victims just being pure victims.
1:48 pm
what we've found out now is when you are dealing with bullies, bullies at one time were victims also. they were, perhaps, driven practically crazy, taunted to the point of being the victim to someone who is now outraged and taking it out not just on the person that bullied them, but on other people, too. megyn: why? when i see richard with the dancing and the moving and the pop, pop, pop, at this poor kid, casey, who has had enough, what does it say about him? what's going on with this kid? does he have something to prove? >> i think what this shows us is that bullying is not a good thing. it's not good for the bully. but we also know it's not good for the victim. the victim may at some point becoming a bully. megyn: you will do anything to prevent it from happening again. >> exactly. we're talking about the
1:49 pm
psychological effects of being bullied. we know poor self-esteem, depression. people have talked about feeling suicidal, as casey had at some point. we look at richard now, being the bully, it's quite possible that at some point somebody else did bully him and it did affect him in a way that it's more than just depression, but a real rage, depression turned into anger, and now acting out. megyn: i want to ask you about girls. boys, i think, are more likely to have it end in this exchange and hopefully it's over. girls, more than not, don't get physical and it's psychological torture that you cannot respond to with a body slam. there is no emotional body slam for young girls being tortured by other girls. >> we don't condone girls trying to solve a problem with fisticuffs. with boys, we look the other
1:50 pm
way saying, we'll look the other way, it's a boxing match. and girls are left being passive-aggressive, using the internet, gossip and rumor. megyn: or just taking it. you take it while they talk about you and pass around things on facebook. >> absolutely. that's right. and we tell our girls, you can handle it. don't act out. we don't want them to act out, but we want them to learn conflict resolution skills and it doesn't happen. with the girls, it goes on and on and on and on and ends up being even more dangerous than what the boys are doing to one another. this is a huge problem and why we must address bullying and victims that become bullies. megyn: one note to share -- i was the victim of bullying when i was in school. one positive angle i can offer to young girls, i do think it makes you a more empathetic person and you can take that
1:51 pm
throughout your life and use it in situations like this. coming up, charlie sheen's father speaking out, sharing new ideas on what may have driven his son off the rail. that's in 3 minutes.
1:52 pm
1:53 pm
1:54 pm
megyn: martin sheen is now speaking out about his son charlie insisting that his son is emotionally crippled due to his long battle with addiction. martin claims that he understands his son all too well after dealing with a drug and alcohol addiction of his own in his younger days. emilio estevez insists that his meltdowns show that he inherited his father's
1:55 pm
self-destructive tendencies, saying all four children had the same upbringing and only charlie has had this struggle. out of yemen, top military generals are throwing their support behind anti-government protesters. and the country's president said he will step down at the end of the year. the big worry, as the situation spirals into chaos, is that the winner there could be al-qaeda. reena ninan with more. >> reporter: the president shaoushl must know that his clock is ticking and that he doesn't have much time left. this is of great concern for the u.s. we've invested millions in counter-terrorism training to fight and deal with al-qaeda-trained militants in that region. and the case with libya and egypt is the case in yemen. there is no immediate successor and no one waiting to take over for president saleh.
1:56 pm
that's a big concern for officials in the u.s. and in europe. they're worried that the militants will gain a stronger hold in yemen. a deal offered by saleh to leave in january, 2012, rejected by groups today, calling for him to leave right away. the u.s. government is concerned that there are shoulder-launched surface-to-air missiles that could end up in the wrong hands. megyn? megyn: thank you. in 3 minutes, see why there are new questions about whether japan is withholding information on what is really going on at the fukushima plant. and this young man got kicked out of a frat party a few years back. when he and his buddies were done getting revenge, a college classmate was dead. why did you get a "get out of jail" early card from his governor? plus, two new york city cops are called to help a woman get into her home.
1:57 pm
it's what they're accused of doing once they got there that has landed them in "kelly's court." >> it's simply outrageous that police officers are summoned to help and alleged to have taken advantage. what can you do with plain white rice? when you pour chunky sirloin burger soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky.
1:58 pm
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2:00 pm
megyn: struggling to get information on japan's nuclear facility. i'm megyn kelly. we have breaking news from japan's nuclear watchdog that is warning it is concerned about a lack of information coming from the fukushima plant. it's claiming he has not received key updates on reactor number one or on temperatures inside the spent fuel rod pools that are emitting radiation. trace gallagher with more on what is happening inside the
2:01 pm
plant. >> reporter: the iaea said this situation remains serious. when the nuclear watchdog can't get reliable and quality information it gives you an information what information is coming out. you mentioned the spent fuel rod pools. you were concerned about the temperatures there. specifically you are talking about reactors one, three and four. number four, the spent fuel rod pool is thought to be almost completely empty because there is a major hole in there which means the rods are still sticking out spewing radiation into the air. the workers connected power cables to all six of the reactors. they want to make sure the cooling system will actually get up and begin running when they flip the juice on. number three in all of this remains big concern.
2:02 pm
reactor number three where smoke is spewing out, that is thought to be building up pressure inside and they believe they may have to relieve some radio active steam in the next several house. that's a concern because number three is the on reacross wroor that uses plutonium which is a lot more toxic and uranium. the contaminated food and water problem is getting much worse. not you iaea told us 12 miles around the fukushima plant the radiation levels are 1,600 time the norm. very bad news coming out of the iaea concerning japan. megyn: officials in japan identified the first american victim of the earthquake and tsunami. taylor anderson had been teaching english for the last three years. she was last seen riding a
2:03 pm
bicycle away from her elementary school just after the earthquake. she stayed behind to make sure all of her students were picked up by their parents. >> the kids that behind been picked up yet were escorted to a pavilion. at that point taylor was said to leave. she rode her bike home. she was on her bike when the tsunami hit. megyn: the u.s. embassy in japan says anderson's body was found north of tokyo. she was planning to return to the united states this summer. in libya we are getting reports that air strikes are not stopping moammar qaddafi from killing his own people. his forces are keeping up their attack on rebels in the city of
2:04 pm
misrata where dozens died yesterday, just yesterday alone. this coming as we get new information on the crash of an american f-15 and the rescue of its crew which ejected prior to impact. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon with more. >> reporter: i want to update on the latest from japan from the military perspective. military sources tell fox they are tracking a plume of radiation that left area around those reactors and is en route to the area. that's why the uss george washington pulled out of port. they pulled back out of fears those vessels could be subjected to that radiation. they were concerned so they. ed out, out of an abundance of caution. but they are tracking that plume of radiation. to the f-15 fighter jet down
2:05 pm
over libya last night. we can confirm two pilots ejected safely. they land in separate locations. they were -- one was rescued by a marine osprey, he had minor wounds. minor injuries. the second copilot if you will fell in rebel territory and he is now currently safe in u.s. hands. but there are some reports from the ground from hospitals in the area that six local libyans were shot in the process of that rescue operation. military sources here cannot confirm that. we asked about it at the press conference with the admiral onboard the u.s.s. montana mount
2:06 pm
whitney. rue * there will be a complete investigation. i'm not prepared to talk about what that investigation may or may not reveal. i will say that the recovery mission from my perspective was executed as i would have expected to be -- >> reporter: he went on to say if qaddafi's forces -- they are still in violation of the u.s. security council resolution. he then outlined wait would take for the bombing to stop. >> if colonel qaddafi would meet that requirement, have a cease-fire implement, stop all attacks against citizens and withdraw from the places we told him to withdraw. establish water, electricity and glass supplies to all areas and
2:07 pm
allow humanitarian assistance, then the fighting would stop. our job would be over. >> reporter: right now that f-15 crash under investigation. we'll bring you more when we know it. megyn: the u.s. and our allies are working to expand the no-fly zone. you can head over to for round the clock updates and check out our interview with ambassador john bolton just in the last hour. that should be posted shortly at extreme weather alert in colorado where high winds are complicating the wildfire fight west of denver. the flames inching closer to 100 homes. but a bit of good news as fire crews begin battling the flames from the air. >> reporter: the hope right now is that those two air tankers and one helicopter won't
2:08 pm
be ground yet again because of the high winds. gusts up to 70 miles per hour are expected today. this is where it's all happening. right over my shoulder at the foothills of those mountains. fire officials say the wind combined with the hundred sight likely sucked up any friendship received overnight. the sheriff's department is constantly updating their web site. last updates, two air tankers are headed to reload. one helicopter dropped water. another is expected to be airborne soon. 1,100 acres have burned in the indian gulch fire with 50% containment. it moved west overnight and two homes required protection. federal support is on its way. yesterday a fire ban was issued for jefferson county where all of this is happening. the stage two fire restrictions are typical of what you would expect. you don't build fires, camp
2:09 pm
firesser use crash. and even smoking are subject to restriction. the county's public health communitycation also said that people shouldn't be using paper masks to protect themselves from the smoke because it doesn't do any good. megyn: an offshore drilling ban in full effect for alaska and the gulf coast is leaving thousands of american oil workers without a job. so why is our president ready to put foreign drilling companies to work helping bra dill tap into our reserves. a cop accused of trying to help a drunk woman and doing something different. his partner also charged. we'll tell you what they are accused of doing and examine the brand-new surveillance video that has the prosecution and the defense claiming victory in this case in "kelly's court."
2:10 pm
national public radio on the brink of losing all public funding. the bottom line impact just ahead. ♪ [ folk pop ] [ man ] ♪ if you got worries then you're like me ♪ ♪ don't worry now i won't hurt you ♪ ♪ and if you got worries then you're like me ♪ ♪ don't worry now i won't desert you ♪ ♪ [ continues ] [ annocer ] when it comes to the things you care about, leave nothing to chance. travelers. insurance for auto and home. call or click now for an agent or quote.
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2:13 pm
megyn: it sounds like a double standard when it comes to drilling. in the united states we have a drilling ban on both koafts and for much of the gulf of mexico. but take a listen to the stunning announcement president obama made on his trip to what descril where he tells that nation the u.s. will help brazil drill for oil since we can i am port. >> the oil you discovered off the shores of brazil could
2:14 pm
amount to twice what we have in the united states. we want to work you with the technology to develop these oil reserves safely and when you are ready to start sell we want to be one of your best customers. megyn: now the critics including you are saying what's the deal? why would we be encouraging brazil to do all this drilling when we are not allowing in the united states. >> i think he's punking us. this has to be a practical joke. republicans and democrats agree that we have to stop our reliance on foreign countries for oil, right? last time i checked, brazil what fall into the category of foreign country. now our president goes to rio at a time of course worldwide catastrophy, everything that's happening in the world, and he's
2:15 pm
telling brazil, all right, we'll help you create an infrastructure to do your offshore drilling. we want you guys to offshore drill. in my country i placed a 7-year moratorium on offshore drilling so thousands of workers in the gulf of mexico and the alaska continental shelf, they are out of work. but he tells brazil, go ahead, you guys do it and we'll be one of your best customers. here is what my listeners are telling me. i turned it over to listeners. i can't figure it out short of the fact that the guy is having a total mental breakdown. listeners say it's all about the redistribution of wealth. better to import from brazil than to keep the money in the united states. this is a worldwide redistribution of wealth.
2:16 pm
megyn: you mention how the people feel. i want to show you this poll frerl march when showed do you favor increasing offshore drilling for oil and gals. 60% stead yes we favorite. 30% say we oppose it. but you made several comments in there. i want to start with the double standard. president obama held a press conference within the 35s two weeks anded critics like you are wrong. he says our oil production reached the highest every in the gulf of mexico under his administration. and he approved 35 drilling permits. so he is allowing drilling here and he says we are look at onshore-offshore drilling in alaska as well. people in the gulf are worried about another one. he's worried about another one. one accident which they can't
2:17 pm
find any remaining oil. that was suppose to be the catastrophy that ended our planet. we were all going to curl and die from the bp oil spill. now they can't even find any oil remaining? it was not the catastrophy the do-gooders thought it was going to be. this 35 permits it's a drop in the bucket. he has an offshore ban. he has a moratorium. he is the -- he doesn't like fossil fuels. he said it, he condemned it. he condemned the bush administration. somebody has to explain how he goes to brazil and says you guys can offshore drill and we'll be your customer. how about the reliance on foreign oil. we need to stop relying on foreign sources of oil. megyn: wouldn't he say it's especially bad when the foreign oil producer is libya.
2:18 pm
if we have to get outside of america shouldn't we get from brazil? >> i didn't know we were picking and choose. we should be able to sustain ourselves in this country. we can drill. we should be tapping into our own natural resources. forget the polar bear being displaced. i just paid $3.90 a gallon to gas on the way over to the tv studios. we have a president who says i want to be brazil's best customer. you have got to be kidding me. i think he's crack up. i think he lost his marbles. megyn: the coal producers will benefit. we have the japanese nuclear meltdown scaring folks behind nuclear energy. and we have a president who says he doesn't love oil drilling here. so the welcome anies -- so the
2:19 pm
welcome any, aren't they the -- so the welcome anies are poised to. >> we have to shut down nuclear, heaven forbid that happens. we'll have a hamster on a wheel in the backyard. a lot of churning to doing. megyn: that's how i keep my mind churning. this is an amazing story. he walks into the wrestling ring on crutches but he left with the national title. just ahead a humble college kid that could teach charlie sheen a thing or two about what winning really means. this young man got kicked out of a frat party.
2:20 pm
but when and his buddies were done getting revenge a college classmate was dead. he just got a get out of jail early card. we'll tell you why and tell you why the victim's family is furious. >> we -- he had to go through the back door with his buddy arnold to cut a deal it's unethical and immoral. it's unjust. t;ñó.íñn4zo?óó1ñn
2:21 pm
2:22 pm
2:23 pm
megyn: we are track a couple of developing stories including a situation on new hampshire where the highway is reopened
2:24 pm
following a nasty tour bus crash. 23 people were hurt. a second person has died after an explosion and fire at a chemical plant in louisville, kentucky. two other people were treated and released from the hospital. authorities accusing a maryland yoga shop employee of killing a coworker after they got into a fight. they say she tried to cover up the murder by tying herself up so sit would look like they had both been attacked. new details on a story we have been tracking for a couple weeks. if a bill passed by congress becomes law national public radio could lose its public funding. dan springer is live in seattle with what that will mean for some of the npr stations across the country. >> the pain would not be spread evenly. in big market stations they would do just fine.
2:25 pm
we talked to the station manager here in seattle and he says the flap over fundraising has helped. but in spokane things would get heard. the npr affiliate gets 10% of his budget in federal grants. if the house bill passes the station could lose that money to buy npr programming. he says that's the identity of the station. he is upset by the npr executive's comments about the tea party that ramped up criticism that npr leans far left. >> it makes no sense to me. part of my jobs manager is to fundraiser. i would like to think i know better than to say things like
2:26 pm
that. >> reporter: in some cases the npr affiliates are the only stations for miles around. there are 26 of them in alaska that get 60% of their budget from the federal grant. many of those station will be forced off the air. >> these are the on means of communication out there. absolutely critical. >> reporter: but congress is looking for ways to save money. the sponsor of this says it would save taxpayers $160 million. megyn: officers respond to a woman to has fallen down drunk. but the shocking allegations of what happens next and they say it's a lie.
2:27 pm
president obama says they want to give foreign countries the responsibility for american lives on the battlefield. it's the must-see story of the day. a college kid wins a major national championship while overcoming a major challenge. we have the video and his story. you must see it. >> it was exciting. it was a dream come true. we had been work all year to get to that point. there was a lot of emotions going through my mind. [ male announcer ] if you have type 2 diabetes,
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megyn: a clemency controversy in california and the form governor is getting pushback from members of his own party. then governor arnold schwarzenegger decided to commute a manslaughter sentence shark it from 16 years to 7. if his last name sounds familiar, it's because he's the son of the state's former assembly speaker. a democrat who was a close political ally of arnold schwarzenegger. >> reporter: the california republicans say this goes gains thei -- goesagainst their toughe stance. even before nunez was give up that deal, he was set free
2:32 pm
because several politicians including the mayor of los angeles went to bat for him. the governor said it was an excessive sentence. they got kicked out of a frat party. they came upon some unarmed students. a fight broke out. and luis santos was stabbed and killed. nunez and his friend fled to sacramento. they hid evidence and destroyed. nunez said his father would help them get out of it. the father, fabian nunez who was a close ally of then governor arnold schwarzenegger. here is the father after the commutation. >> how many people do you have to stab before you are sentences to what the crime dictates.
2:33 pm
he pled guilty. >> the parent are suing the california prison system saying under california laugh they have to be notified of the change in sentence, and even the former governor arnold schwarzenegger admits they were not properly notified. megyn: firey new statement coming in from libya's deputy foreign minister. he's accusing the west of being more interested in helping libyan rebels than protecting the civilians. back in washington, president obama wants someone else to take the military lead in libya. he says we'll only be doing it for a matter of days. here is what am bass gore john bolton had to say about the idea that we might basically -- the turn it over to some political steering committee when he appeared on this program about
2:34 pm
an hour ago. >> this is a massive failure of leadership. it was a failure of leadership to begin with to say the united states would relinquish command and control of this operation. even worse that it will go to a committee. but the more fundamental point is congress should look carefully at the president turning over overall command of american forces to foreigners of any description. i think that's a real problem. even if we are one member of the committee, that's a dramatic reduction in our role, quite apart from being militarily a ludicrous way to try to conduct military operations. megyn: nancy skinner and ben ferguson join me. let me get you to respond to ambassador bolton on that. >> it's ridiculous on the face of it because what he's saying is we should never ever let any
2:35 pm
foreign country control our forces. we would never participate in nato or u.n. force. what's happening here, this u.n. resolution was passed, led about it europeans, joined about it arab league. we said once it was passed we'll do what we dock. we can shoot tomahawk cruise miss i -- cruise missiles. but this is what we do. when we are done with what we did, we'll pull back and that many exactly what we are doing. megyn: president obama said we'll do it for days, then we'll transition the responsibility for this over to coalition forces. way was asking bolton about is france is now saying that the group that's going to be making decisions is a political steering committee, and not nato who will be overseeing the no-fly zone.
2:36 pm
>> this isn't nato. this is like trusting the united nations for it comes to war. the president has showed lack of leadership saying i'll follow. then he gets intoss it. and we all know the reality. we are the ones shooting the majority of the missiles. we are the ones doing the flying and we are the ones who are in charge. this president thinks if he doesn't lead the rest of the world will like us. i think it's a dangerous precedent. you want people politically motivated being in charge of american soldiers who don't make good decisions who aren't military men and have no experience doing this? that's called total failure from this white house. megyn: this is according to bloomberg. the french foreign minister is proposing this political steering committee. fit would chicago many countries saying the british are in agreement and it would unite
2:37 pm
foreign ministers of the states involved as well as the arab league. that's who they want to us transition authorities. how are you going to run a conflict with libya through a political steering committee. >> i'm going to tell you. i'll direct this -- we aren't flying the majority. over 50% of the missions are flown by other countries. the arab league has said, we are in, we want calls for this. but they don't want to be led by nato forces. so the commanders, some from nato and some from the arab league are working together. you make it sounds like these are volunteers. megyn: the arab league doesn't want nato running this. >> why do they not? because they know nato likes to usually win. if we are going to be involved why not do it the right way.
2:38 pm
more importantly this comes back to the issue of leadership. the president of the united states of america is in brazil who is opposed to this. does not address what our goals are. does not come in front of the cameras and directly talk to the united states of america. he thinks if i don't admit we are in this or act like we are not in charge it, somehow that will make everybody like me. that's where the failure starts. if you are going to do this and put people in potentially harm's way you better protect you're own. you better not let somebody else who nay not have the interest -- megyn: i heard some praising this. >> this is what president bush did wrong, it was ian lateral. he didn't care about the u.n. went in. by the way, ronald reagan attacked libya in 1986 after some libyan people bombed a club
2:39 pm
in east berlin. went in against the europeans and did all this. what happens? the lockerbie flight happens. so 270 people died. >> americans were attacked and we defenders americans that day. jimmy carter even said it was wrong. megyn: ben, where do you come down on it? it's not a question -- it's unlike that situation in east berlin. there were no americans attacked here, so we are going into libya why? jim west, a democrat of virginia said there has been no debate on this. deck luger said there is no plan. >> it's called lack of leadership. the president didn't say what our goal and objective was. and this is what you call limited disaster. or limited war. when you decide not to tell
2:40 pm
people what you are accomplishing and what you are trying to do, i don't think the president knows. okay, i feel the pressure so i'll do something, but i'm not in charge of it. >> 700,000, qaddafi said he would show no mercy and he has started acting on it. our president consulted with congress with the oversight committees before this. he's continuing this. he got the rest of the world communities including the arab league and protected 700,000 people from dying. if those people got killed -- he would say lack of leadership. >> it is. >> he moved, he acted. we are done in days, we are out. that's what we could do and he did it. megyn: good debate. nancy and ben, thank you so much
2:41 pm
as always. two police officers called to help get a woman home safe after a night of partying. but wait until you hear what they were accused of doing to her once they were inside the apartment and the shocking admission that may have been caught on tape. a college kid overcomes a major disability to take the top prize in a wrestling championship. >> i was terrified out there. but as soon as the match started, i kind of just relaxed a little bit and cheering of the crowd just pumped me up that much more. ♪
2:42 pm
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2:45 pm
rape. his partner is accused of standing watch, being a lookout while the alleged assault took place. they were responding to a 27-year-old woman who was drunk and could not get out after cab. they were supposed to help her. but surveillance video shows the sisters entering her apartment four times. defense attorneys argue that it floss a big hole in the prosecution's case and it could all come down to an audiotape that the alleged victim had in the case. joining me now with more, mark eiglarsh and joey jackson. the case is fascinating to me because the police accused of raping a woman they were supposed to be helping that night. set it up for us. what does the woman claim. there is no dispute they went there to help this drunken woman
2:46 pm
get into her house. >> first all you have this cabbie that calls 911. it's the result of the woman being drunk and vomiting in his cab. the police come over. they assist the woman into the apartment. i think the prosecution will claim they should have called an ambulance and followed established protocol. there is indication she is 2 1/2 times the legal limit in terms of intoxication and she is semi-conscious. the claim is there was some sort of sexual contact that occurred. they leave, they come back at 2:50 a.m. they stay for 17 minutes. they come back again for 34 minutes and the issue was why would they have to do that. a person generally would be fortunate enough if they are a victim or need assistance to get one contacts from the police.
2:47 pm
especially someone as stretched as nypd. she has two police officers going back multiple times. something does not smell right about that. the other issue is they ask the other officer for the memo book an says, i lost the memo book. so that's proper mats i can in and of itself. megyn: the other thing that's problematic, you tell me what you think. the guy defending the cops is a well-known lawyer and he says that the woman wore a wire. she went back to the cop who allegedly raped her and she said why did you rape me. why did do you this to me. that cop denied it 10 times. but then, mark, he said, when she said i'm going to go in that police station and make a scene. i wants the truth. did you use a condom when you attacked me. he said, yes, i did, i used a
2:48 pm
condom. does that help or hurt the defense? >> the defense wouldn't want to explain away why he said what he said. megyn: but it's coming in. >> so the defense will say, she said i'm going go in and create a scene. did you use a condom? i didn't have sex with you. i didn't do anything with you. well, i'm going to create a scene. the defense will argue he would have said anything to prevent her from making a scene. >> i disagree. i think it's complete consciousness of guilt. make any scene you want, i don't know what you are talking about rape or otherwise. i had nothing to do with you. you want to go to city hall, wherever you want to go, don't make any admission and blame it on the fact i was trying to quell her. i don't think the jury buys that.
2:49 pm
megyn: what you just said rings true to me. if you are a police officer accused of rape. you are going to say just to prevent a scene, she may have wanted to know if she had gotten sexually transmitted diseases. how does even a lawyer defend a time line on four visits to the house after 1:00 a.m. in the morning what were they doing there? >> what joe will argue, these problematic facts. what he will say is if now that there is a fourth time they were there, it either those off the state's time line, or. megyn: they initially said it was three times. >> or something damage together state's case, now it could have been they went back to the scene after they committed a heinous rape on this drunk woman? then they will argue to the jury
2:50 pm
what type of person goes back to the scene after they commit a rape. >> mark, you know the answer to that question. they always say the criminal returns to the scene of the crime. that will be the reer to the of the prosecution. they return to the scene. i think ultimately -- i agree with commissioner kelly that if this is true, it's aberrational conduct. the nypd, they are new york's finest it's a lot to explain in terms of the multiple visits there. what were they doing there. why do you lose a memo book. it doesn't make sense. megyn: they pleaded not guilty. and the you're selection started this week. so that case now underway. you guys, thank you. one final word for your viewers. the admission on tape of not using a con dome is not useful to the defense. why did these officers go back
2:51 pm
to this woman's house so many times in the middle of the night. why did the officer agree to using a condom? this case stinks but we'll let the jury decide what is and is not true. next we'll bring you the incredible story of that hero wrestler. okay, team! after age 40, we can start losing muscle -- 8% every 10 years. wow. wow. but you can help fight muscle loss with exercise and ensure muscle health. i've got revigor. what's revigor? it's the amino acid metabolite, hmb
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megyn: winning the national wrestling championship is a huge achievement. not only did he beat all the other challengers. he also overcame a life-long challenge of his own. now his story is inspiring those around the world including us here at "america live." trace has a great story. >> reporter: anthony was a huge oakland raiders fan and he
2:55 pm
wanted to play football. but at 120 pound he was too small. so he began wrestling. he went 96-0 in high school. and you may have noticed from the video he does not have his right leg. he was born without his right leg. he went on to college. arizona state. he just won the national championship of wrestling for his weight class. he thinks his handicap has helped him. because he goes around on crutches so this upper body is strong. >> i believe i can do whatever i set my mind to. my parents raised me to -- that way. they didn't give me any special treatment. so i grew up with my three brothers and my sister believing i was just like them. >> reporter: he was on fox and
2:56 pm
friends this morning. his teammates don't complain base runs a mile on his crutches in under 8 minutes. now he's the national champon wrestler. it's an amazing story. megyn: now my producer are telling me there is some controversy because some other wrestlers are ticked off saying he's harder to pin because he only has one leg. guess what, it's harder for him to pin you, too. whiners. >> reporter: that's athletic whining at its best. megyn: 125-pound weight class. i'm not even going to go there right now. football legend lawrence taylor sentenced to 6 years probation for sexual misconduct and
2:57 pm
patronizing an underaged possible city cute. now he's giving an interview to fox news. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male annouer ] with amazing innovation, driven by rentless competition, wireless puts the world at your command. ♪
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